They might be full of beans

They might be full of beans - BURRITOS
They might be full of beans

Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Don who loved growing beans on his farm. He would spend all day tending to his beans, watering them, and making sure they received enough sunlight.

One day, Don decided to take a break and go to his favorite local restaurant, Taco Palace, for lunch. He ordered a burrito, which was full of delicious ingredients like beans, rice, and meat. Don was amazed at how delicious the burrito was and how it reminded him of his beloved beans.

After finishing his meal, Don went back to his farm feeling inspired. He decided to start experimenting with his beans and created his own recipe for burritos using his fresh beans, rice, and various other ingredients.

Years went by, and Don’s burritos became very popular among the locals. One day, a crossword puzzle maker came to his farm, looking for inspiration for a new puzzle clue. Don suggested the clue “they might be full of beans,” which referred to his delicious burritos. The answer, of course, was BURRITOS.

From that day on, people all over the world would enjoy the popular clue and think of Don’s farm whenever they ate a burrito.