The Regenerators: Solve this Crossword Clue Now!

The Regenerators: Solve this Crossword Clue Now! - NEWTS
They can regenerate their eyes, hearts and spinal cords

Sure! The clue ‘They can regenerate their eyes, hearts and spinal cords‘ refers to a fascinating phenomenon that occurs in certain types of amphibians – particularly newts. Newts are a type of salamander that are known for their incredible ability to regrow various body parts, including their eyes, hearts, and spinal cords.

Newts are capable of regenerating these body parts because they possess certain cells known as ‘blastemal cells‘. These cells are essentially immature cells that have the ability to become various types of tissue, which allows newts to regrow lost or damaged body parts. Upon injury, these blastemal cells get activated and differentiate into the required cell types, ultimately leading to the regeneration of the body part.

Interestingly, newts can even regenerate their limbs! When a newt loses a limb, the site of amputation forms a structure called a ‘blastema‘, a mound of tissue that contains the blastemal cells capable of regenerating the missing limb. Over time, the blastema grows into a new limb that is a near-perfect replica of the original.

In summary, newts are amazing creatures that possess incredible regenerating abilities, thanks to their blastemal cells. Their ability to regenerate their eyes, hearts, spinal cords and even their limbs makes them a fascinating subject of research for scientists and biologists alike!