The Three Lions, on World Cup scoreboards

The Three Lions, on World Cup scoreboards - ENG
The Three Lions, on World Cup scoreboards

Once upon a time, there were three fierce and mighty lions who loved nothing more than playing soccer. They were the best team in the whole world, and they had won countless matches and tournaments.

One day, the Three Lions decided to compete in the World Cup, the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world. They trained hard and prepared for months, determined to bring home the trophy.

As the tournament began, the Three Lions roared onto the field, thrilling fans with their skill and determination. In every match, they played with passion and grit, scoring goal after goal.

But as the tournament progressed, something odd began to happen. On the scoreboards that displayed the team names, the Three Lions were referred to by a mysterious set of letters: ENG.

Fans were confused and curious about this strange abbreviation, and soon it became a popular crossword puzzle clue. People across the globe would scratch their heads and try to figure out what the letters stood for.

But the Three Lions didn’t care about the confusion. They knew that they were the best team in the world, and they continued to play with strength and skill. In the end, they emerged victorious, holding the World Cup high for all to see.

And so, to this day, fans still puzzle over the crossword clue ‘The Three Lions, on World Cup scoreboards.’ But those who know the story behind the answer, ENG, know that it stands for the greatest team in soccer history.