Puzzled about the ‘p’ in r.p.m.? Crack the Clue Here!

Puzzled about the ‘p’ in r.p.m.? Crack the Clue Here! - PER
The "p" of r.p.m.

Sure! I’d be happy to explain the answer to the crossword clue ‘The “p” of r.p.m.’, which is ‘PER‘.

In the context of the abbreviation r.p.m., ‘PER‘ stands for ‘per minute’. To understand this, we first need to break down what each part of the abbreviation represents:

1. ‘R’: This stands for ‘revolutions’ or ‘rotation’. In the context of the clue, it refers to the number of times a specific object or system completes a full circle or cycle.

2. ‘P‘: This stands for ‘per’. It is commonly used as a preposition to indicate the relationship between two objects or quantities. It tells us that one thing is expressed in relation to another.

3. ‘M’: This stands for ‘minute’, which is a unit of time equal to sixty seconds.

When we put these components together, ‘r.p.m.’ stands for ‘revolutions per minute’, which is a unit used to measure the speed or frequency at which something rotates or revolves within a minute.

So, in the context of the crossword clue, the answer ‘PER‘ represents the ‘P‘ in ‘r.p.m.’, indicating the relationship of rotations or revolutions for every minute. It acts as a linking word to express the rate at which an object or system is rotating or revolving.

I hope this explanation helps clarify the meaning of ‘PER‘ in the context of the clue ‘The “p” of r.p.m.’!