The gamut

The gamut - ATOZ
The gamut

The gamut is a musical term referring to the full range of musical notes or a complete set of instructions or possibilities in any field. In the context of crosswords, “The gamut” is often used as a clue for the answer “ATOZ“. The phrase “A to Z” is an idiom meaning the complete range or entirety of something from beginning to end, and the letters ATOZ literally represent every letter of the alphabet from A to Z.

In crossword puzzles, “ATOZ” is a common solution for clues relating to the full range or scope of something or for clues that are looking for a comprehensive answer. For instance, if the clue is “Complete alphabet”, the answer would be ATOZ. Similarly, if the clue is “Entire range”, the answer would also be ATOZ.

In summary, “ATOZ” is a simple and easy-to-remember answer often used for clues related to the full range of something, and it is commonly found in crossword puzzles as a solution to clues related to a complete set or a comprehensive answer.