The first letter in “gigantic,” but not the third

The first letter in “gigantic,” but not the third - SOFTG
The first letter in "gigantic," but not the third

As a detective, my primary task in solving this mysterious crossword clue was to look for the specific details that would help me crack the code. To start with, the clue asked for the first letter of a word that meant “gigantic,” but not the third. I knew that the word gigantic began with a “g”, but had multiple potential candidates for the third letter. With this in mind, I started to consider words that fit the bill.

After some careful examination, I realized that the word “soft” shares all the same letters as “gigantic,” except for the third letter. Eureka! This means that the answer to this particular crossword clue must be the first letter in “SOFTG”. With this insight, I rush to write it down in the blank space provided and am confident that I have cracked the code.

In conclusion, my dogged pursuit of the specific details laid out in the crossword clue allowed me to make the vital connection between the words “gigantic” and “soft,” allowing me to confidently solve the mystery behind this devious crossword puzzle.