“The Addams Family” cousin

“The Addams Family” cousin - ITT
"The Addams Family" cousin

Sure, I can help with that! The answer to the crossword clue “The Addams Family” cousin is ITT.

ITT is the name of the Addams Family’s pet, who is a fictional character in the TV series and movies. ITT is a stylized version of the word “thing” – as the character is often referred to as “The Thing” due to its hand-like appearance that can move independently of its body. While the exact nature of the creature is never revealed, it is generally accepted as a disembodied hand.

ITT is a popular and beloved character among fans of “The Addams Family“. Despite not being able to speak or communicate in traditional ways, ITT is often shown to be an active and helpful member of the family, even assisting with tasks around the house.

So, to summarize, if you see the clue “The Addams Family” cousin in a crossword puzzle, the answer is ITT – the family’s trusty pet and a quirky character beloved by fans of the series.