“The 1619 Project” publisher, for short

“The 1619 Project” publisher, for short - NYT
"The 1619 Project" publisher, for short

It was a beautiful autumn day in New York City, and the streets were bustling with activity. Among the many interesting sights and sounds was a young woman named Sarah, hurrying along with a copy of “The 1619 Project” tucked under her arm.

Sarah was a lover of crossword puzzles, and today’s theme was “Publishers”. She had already solved clues for Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House and HarperCollins, but she was stumped by one in particular. “The 1619 Project” publisher, for short – 3 letters.

As she pondered the clue, she noticed a familiar building in the distance – the headquarters of the New York Times. Suddenly, it all clicked – NYT! Of course, that was the answer!

Sarah smiled to herself and continued on her way, admiring the stunning architecture of the building and imagining all the wonderful stories that had been published within its walls.

And from that day forward, every time Sarah saw the New York Times logo, she would think back to that crossword puzzle and remember the feeling of satisfaction she had when she finally cracked the clue.