“That’s wild!,” in a modern spelling

“That’s wild!,” in a modern spelling - WOAH
"That's wild!," in a modern spelling

Absolutely! The exclamation “Woah” has become a common expression in modern language, particularly among younger generations. It is used to convey amazement, surprise, or disbelief in a situation or story.

The spelling “Woah” is a modern adaptation of the traditional spelling “Whoa” which was widely used in the 1800s in the context of horse-riding, as a command to slow or stop a horse. Over time, the usage of the term expanded beyond the equestrian world and evolved to its current form.

When solving a crossword puzzle, the clue “That’s wild!,” can be an indication of the answer “Woah,” especially in modern puzzles intended for younger solvers.

In summary, “Woah” is a popular and commonly used interjection that expresses amazement or surprise and is often used in modern language.