That’s just the way it is

That’s just the way it is - STATUSQUO
That's just the way it is

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘That’s just the way it is’, the first thing I noted was the phrase ‘way it is’. This brought to mind the concept of a particular state of affairs being accepted as the norm or standard. I then considered the length of the answer and found that it was 9 letters long. This led me to think of the phrase ‘status quo’ which denotes the current state of affairs that is accepted or as it is put, “just the way it is“. As the phrase fits the number of letters perfectly, it seemed like the most fitting solution. I then cross-checked the other clues to ensure consistency and found that the answer indeed satisfied all the conditions and helped solve the mystery of the crossword clue. Hence, STATUSQUO was the final answer.