That’s incredible!

That’s incredible! - TALLTALE
That's incredible!

As a detective working to solve the mystery of the crossword clue ‘That’s incredible!’, my first instinct was to consider words or phrases that expressed amazement or disbelief. Phrases like “unbelievable” or “astounding” immediately sprang to mind, but none of them fit the allotted number of letters. I then turned my attention to words that might indicate a tall tale or an exaggerated story. Suddenly, the answer became clear: TALLTALE. This phrase captures the idea of something that is incredible, but not necessarily true. It fits perfectly within the available space, and it has a nuance that suggests a hint of skepticism or disbelief. As I filled in the letters, I could almost hear myself saying, “That’s incredible! Of course, it’s just a tall tale.” It was a satisfying moment of discovery, and I felt confident that I had uncovered the answer to this tricky clue.