“Thanks, Captain Obvious”

“Thanks, Captain Obvious” - NODUH
"Thanks, Captain Obvious"

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue, “Thanks, Captain Obvious,” my initial thought was that the answer must be a phrase or word that expresses sarcasm in response to an obvious statement or observation. I considered clues like ‘obvious response’ and ‘statement of the obvious’ but none seemed to fit perfectly. However, as I played around with the letters, the word ‘NODUH‘ suddenly popped into my mind.

At first, it seemed like an odd choice as it wasn’t a commonly used phrase. But the more I considered it, the more it made sense. The ‘NO‘ in ‘NODUH‘ clearly indicates a negation or refusal, while ‘DUH‘ is a word often used to express exasperation when someone states something incredibly obvious. So, combined, the word ‘NODUH‘ perfectly fits the crossword clue “Thanks, Captain Obvious.”

It’s a sarcastic response indicating the listener already knew what the speaker was stating, making it a perfect fit for the clue. Mystery solved!