*Texter’s options for sending faces and symbols

*Texter’s options for sending faces and symbols - EMOJIKEYBOARD
*Texter's options for sending faces and symbols

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Emma who loved texting her friends. She was always looking for new ways to express herself and communicate in a fun and creative way. One day, she stumbled upon a crossword puzzle that had a clue that caught her attention – “Texter’s options for sending faces and symbols”. Emma didn’t know the answer to the puzzle at the time, but she made a promise to herself to figure it out.

She thought about it carefully and realized that there was only one thing that perfectly matched the clue – an Emoji Keyboard! Emma was excited to finally solve the puzzle and shared the answer with her friends. From that day on, she made sure to use the Emoji Keyboard whenever she wanted to add a little extra flair to her texts.

Thanks to that crossword puzzle, Emma discovered a fun and creative way to express herself through text. She continued to have fun with her friends, sending them all sorts of emojis and symbols that made their conversations even better. Emma learned that sometimes, all it takes is a little puzzling to uncover new and exciting ways to communicate with the people you care about.