Terrible twos?

Terrible twos? - SOPHOMORESLUMPS
Terrible twos?

When little Timmy turned two years old, his parents were ecstatic! They had heard all about the terrible twos, but they weren’t intimidated. They thought they had everything under control.

But soon, they realized that parenting a two-year-old was no walk in the park. Timmy was constantly throwing tantrums, getting into mischief, and causing chaos around the house.

As Timmy got older, his parents started to notice a pattern. Every time he entered a new stage of life (starting preschool, learning to read, etc.), he would go through a period of struggle and difficulty. They called these periods his “sophomore slumps.”

Eventually, Timmy grew up and went away to college. His parents were proud of him, but they knew he was in for a challenge. They sent him a care package with a crossword puzzle inside, and one of the clues was “Terrible twos?” Timmy filled in the answer without hesitation: “Sophomore slumps.”

Suddenly, everything clicked into place. Timmy’s parents realized that all of those difficult stages in his life were just a part of growing up and learning. And now, he was equipped to handle whatever challenges came his way, including the dreaded sophomore slump of college.