Terra ___

Terra ___ - COTTA
Terra ___

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a village called Terra. It was a small village, surrounded by trees, with a quaint little cottage in the center. The cottage belonged to a wise old woman named Cotta. She lived alone, surrounded by shelves upon shelves of books.

The villagers of Terra often went to Cotta’s cottage to seek her advice. Whenever they faced a problem or couldn’t find answers to their questions, they went to the wise old woman. She was known to have an answer for every problem.

One day, the villagers of Terra got a new hobby: solving crossword puzzles. They found it entertaining and challenging, trying to find the right words to fill in the blanks. But they were stuck on one clue: ‘Terra ___.’

They scratched their heads and couldn’t come up with an answer, so they went to Cotta’s cottage seeking her help. She thought about it for a while and then declared that the missing word was ‘Cotta‘ – her surname!

The villagers were amazed, and they praised Cotta for her intelligence once again. And from that day onwards, they always remembered to consult Cotta whenever they had trouble with their crossword puzzles.

And so, the little village of Terra grew to love crossword puzzles, and their wise old woman Cotta became known as the best crossword solver in the land.