Tempe sch.

Tempe sch. - ASU
Tempe sch.

Once upon a time, there was a young crossword enthusiast named Alice. She loved to solve puzzles and beat her own records, but one day she encountered a tricky clue that left her stumped.

The clue read “Tempe sch.” and Alice had no idea what it could mean. She tried guessing different words for hours until she finally gave up and went to bed.

That night, Alice had a dream. She found herself in a magical place filled with books, pencils, and mystery. It was a crossword puzzle paradise, and in the center stood a wise old man.

He beckoned Alice closer and asked her why she looked so troubled. Alice explained her problem, and the old man smiled.

Tempe sch. is actually the abbreviation for a university in Arizona. It stands for Arizona State University.”

Alice breathed a sigh of relief and thanked him for his help. But before she woke up, the old man imparted one last piece of wisdom.

Remember, Alice, there’s always a solution to every puzzle. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of magic to find it.”

When Alice woke up, she immediately wrote “ASU” in the crossword box and completed the rest of the puzzle with ease. From that day on, she reminded herself of the old man’s words whenever she encountered a tricky clue. And she lived happily ever after, continuing to solve crosswords with ease.