Tear apart

Tear apart - RIPOPEN
Tear apart

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous dog named Rip. Rip was always getting into trouble and tearing things apart. One day, Rip found a new toy that he just couldn’t resist – a crossword puzzle. But instead of solving the puzzle, Rip decided to tear it apart with his sharp teeth! As he shredded the paper, he noticed that one particular clue stood out: ‘Tear apart‘.

Rip felt a pang of guilt as he realized he had just destroyed the answer to the clue. Determined to make it right, he set off on a mission to find the answer. After a long adventure, Rip finally stumbled upon a package. He eagerly tore it open, and to his surprise, the answer to the crossword clue was written on the inside of the package: RIPOPEN!

Filled with excitement, Rip ran back to the crossword puzzle and eagerly filled in the answer. From that day on, he made a promise to himself to only tear apart things that were meant to be torn, like his toys and bones. And he always remembered the crossword puzzle that taught him the valuable lesson of patience and persistence.