Stumped on a tantalizingly detailed crossword clue?

Stumped on a tantalizingly detailed crossword clue? - LURID
Tantalizingly detailed

Sure, I’d be happy to explain the answer ‘LURID’ as related to the crossword clue ‘Tantalizingly detailed’.

‘Lurid’ is an adjective that describes something that is very vivid and shocking. When used in context with ‘tantalizingly detailed’ it would imply that the description being provided is graphic and possibly explicit in nature. It’s a way to describe writing that is over-the-top, sensationalized and often designed to be provocative or controversial.

The word ‘lurid’ has its roots in the Latin word ‘luridus’, which translates to ‘pale yellow’. In the 16th and 17th centuries, ‘lurid’ was used to describe the discoloured appearance of a corpse or a sickly person. As the word evolved, it eventually took on a more figurative sense, describing subjects that were les than wholesome or edifying, or descriptions that focused on the shocking or sensational.

In literature, the use of lurid descriptions can be controversial, as it can cross over into the realm of obscenity or gratuitousness. However, when used carefully and artistically, it can add depth and realism to a work of fiction, as well as help to capture the reader’s attention and imagination.

So in summation, the word ‘lurid’ is a very impactful, descriptive word, and is used to describe writing that is highly detailed and often provocative in its content.