Stumped by ‘Taken ___’? Unveil the Solution Here!

Stumped by ‘Taken ___’? Unveil the Solution Here! - ABACK
Taken ___

Once upon a time, there was a brave knight named Sir James. He was summoned by the queen to go on a quest to save the kingdom from an evil dragon that terrorized the countryside.

Sir James embarked on his journey, armed with his sword and shield. Traveling through a dense forest, he suddenly heard a rustling in the bushes. His instincts kicked in, and he was immediately “Taken aback” by the sudden movement.

As he stepped back, a group of thieves jumped out from the bushes, hoping to loot him. Sir James quickly drew his sword and defended himself, defeating the thieves with ease.

Proud of his victory, Sir James continued on his quest, determined to save the kingdom and defeat the dragon. But from that day on, he was always cautious and alert, never forgetting the moment when he was “Taken aback” by the unexpected attack in the forest.

Just like Sir James, a crossword solver must always be alert and prepared for unexpected answers that fit the clues just right, such as “ABACK.”