Surname that’s also transliterated as Zuo

Surname that’s also transliterated as Zuo - TSO
Surname that's also transliterated as Zuo

Alright. The surname that’s also transliterated as Zuo is a Chinese surname spelled in Simplified Chinese as 左. This surname can be transliterated to other languages in a few ways, including Zuo and Tso. In this case, the crossword clue is looking for the three-letter answer that matches this surname, so the answer is TSO.

It’s worth noting that Chinese surnames are traditionally written before the given name, as opposed to in Western culture where the given name comes first. So, someone with the surname Tso would have a given name that follows it. Additionally, Chinese surnames can have multiple meanings and origins, and 左 is no exception. Some possible meanings include “left” or “west”.

Overall, if you come across a crossword clue asking for a Chinese surname that can be transliterated as Zuo, you’ll want to fill in the three letters T-S-O.