Suppress - QUASH

Once upon a time, there was a brave knight named Sir Quash who lived in a kingdom where the king had issued a decree that all forms of free expression were to be suppressed. Sir Quash, with his fierce courage, did not agree with the king’s decree. Instead, he believed that everyone should be allowed to express themselves freely without any restrictions.

One day, the king caught wind of Sir Quash’s rebellious thoughts and ordered his soldiers to put him in prison. Sir Quash was thrown into a dark, damp cell where he could hear the voices of other prisoners who had also been imprisoned for speaking their minds.

Despite the danger he faced, Sir Quash refused to be silenced. He came up with a plan to spread the word about the king’s tyrannical rule. He wrote messages on small scraps of paper and folded them into origami swans; which he then tossed out of his cell window. The swans carried the message of freedom far and wide across the kingdom, and people began to gather in protest against the king’s rule.

When the king found out about Sir Quash’s clever plan, he grew even more angry and demanded that his soldiers ‘suppress’ any further disobedience. But the people’s voices had grown too loud to be ignored, and Sir Quash’s message of freedom could no longer be ‘quashed.’ Eventually, the king was forced to lift his decree, and Sir Quash was celebrated as a hero for his brave stand against suppression and for his cleverness in finding a way to be heard.