Boost Your Crossword Skills with These Must-Have Supplements

Boost Your Crossword Skills with These Must-Have Supplements - ADDSTO

Hello! As an expert in the field of crossword puzzles, I’m happy to explain the answer ‘ADDSTO’ in relation to the clue ‘Supplements.’

‘ADDSTO’ is a word that can mean supplements, as in adding something extra to an existing item or situation. This word is often used in a crossword context to indicate that a certain word or phrase can be added to another word or phrase to create a new meaning or concept.

For example, if the clue was “Supplements a story,” the answer ‘ADDSTO’ would indicate that there is a word or phrase that can be added to a story to make it more complete or interesting. One possible answer might be “color,” as adding details or descriptions can supplement a story and make it more engaging.

In general, ‘ADDSTO’ is a versatile and useful word for creating connections and expanding meanings in a crossword puzzle. If you come across this word in a puzzle, be open to considering creative possibilities for how it could be used to supplement your answers and complete the grid!