Summer hrs. in Sonoma

Summer hrs. in Sonoma - PDT
Summer hrs. in Sonoma

Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Tom who lived in Sonoma. He had a vast farm with various crops that he grows every summer. One summer, he decided to go on a vacation and explore the world. However, Tom was a responsible farmer, so he had to make sure his crops were watered and taken care of properly. He had to find someone who could help him with that task. He asked his friend, Bob to take care of his farm for the summer.

Bob was not a farmer; he was a city boy who had never seen a farm before. But he was up for the challenge. Tom explained to Bob that the most important thing was to water his crops at the right hour. He told him that the summer hours in Sonoma were different from the city. Bob didn’t understand what he meant, so Tom gave him a clue, “If you want to know the right time to water the crops, remember the three letters, PDT.”

Bob was puzzled. He had no idea what PDT meant, but he trusted Tom, and he couldn’t disappoint him. He spent his first day on the farm, observing the sky, and he noticed that the sun rose early in the morning and set later than usual. That was how he figured out that PDT stood for Pacific Daylight Time, and it was an hour ahead of his city’s time zone.

Finally, Bob understood that he had to water the crops an hour earlier than he would in the city. He was grateful for Tom’s clever clue, and the crops flourished under his care. When Tom returned from his vacation, he was impressed with how well Bob took care of his farm. And that’s how the crossword clue “Summer hrs. in Sonoma” came to be associated with the answer, PDT.”

From then on, whenever Bob saw the PDT abbreviation, he smiled, knowing that it reminded him of his wonderful experience on the farm.