Can’t Sleep? Solve the Insomnia Puzzle!

Can’t Sleep? Solve the Insomnia Puzzle! - LIEAWAKE
Suffer from insomnia

As a dedicated detective, I embarked on solving the perplexing mystery of the crossword clue “Suffer from insomnia.” This enigmatic puzzle demanded a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the human condition. Eagerly, I delved into the words before me, meticulously analyzing every letter and considering the intricacies of sleeplessness. The clue hinted at a state of restlessness, a condition where slumber evades its victim’s grasp. Pondering on this, a spark of insight illuminated my path – the phrase “LIEAWAKE.” It was as if the answer had been hiding in plain sight all along. The words whispered to me of the long nights spent staring at the ceiling, of minds aflame with thoughts and worries that refused to dissipate. “LIEAWAKE” encapsulated the essence of insomnia, capturing the struggle, frustration, and solitude of those who wrestle with sleep’s elusive embrace. Every letter in the solution felt just right, aligning perfectly with the context of the clue. That moment of revelation reinforced the notion that a true detective must not only rely on facts and evidence but also tap into the realm of human experience and emotion.