Subway line toward New York’s Kennedy Airport

Subway line toward New York’s Kennedy Airport - ATRAIN
Subway line toward New York's Kennedy Airport

The mystery of the crossword clue ‘Subway line toward New York’s Kennedy Airport‘ was a tricky one indeed, but with careful deduction and knowledge of the area, I was able to uncover the answer of ‘ATRAIN‘. Initially, my mind went to the traditional subway lines in New York City, but none of the letters fit within the available spaces. It was then that I remembered the AirTrain, a rail service that connects JFK Airport to the New York City Subway and Long Island Railroad. With this in mind, I realized that the answer to the clue had to be ‘ATRAIN‘. The letter ‘A’ is also associated with the AirTrain, which runs on the blue A line and can be reached from several subway stations in the city. With this conclusion, the crossword puzzle was one step closer to being solved. Ultimately, it was a combination of regional knowledge and deductive reasoning that allowed me to identify the correct answer to the clue and bring my detective work to a satisfying conclusion.