Substance, so to speak

Substance, so to speak - MEAT
Substance, so to speak

Once upon a time, in a bustling kitchen, there was a talented chef named Sasha. Sasha was known for her remarkable ability to create delectable and flavorful dishes, but there was one particular dish that stumped her for weeks. She was tasked with creating a mouth-watering vegetarian burger that would satisfy meat-lovers.

Sasha rifled through her pantry, pulled out various spices and herbs, and mixed them together, but she couldn’t quite get the flavor profile right. She grumbled, “What’s missing? What’s the missing substance that will make this burger unbeatable?

Suddenly, her sous-chef, who was quietly observing her, exclaimed, “MEAT!

Sasha paused and thought, “Of course! Meat! Meat adds a savory depth of flavor that is difficult to replicate with just veggies.

So, Sasha added just a tiny bit of meat to her vegetarian burger patty, transforming it into a delicious, meaty-flavored masterpiece that pleased even the most ardent carnivores. From then on, she knew that when it comes to creating a savory and flavorful dish, meat is the substance that can make all the difference.