Unraveling Modern Bans: Can You Crack This Crossword? 🧩

Unraveling Modern Bans: Can You Crack This Crossword? 🧩 - ECIGS
Subjects of some modern bans, informally

As I put on my detective hat and carefully examined the crossword clue, “Subjects of some modern bans, informally,” a few key words instantly caught my attention: “modern bans” and “informally.” Immediately, my mind started racing through recent issues that have faced societal restrictions or even outright bans. One subject that stood out prominently in my mind was electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as “e-cigs” or “vapes.”

With the emergence of health concerns and government regulations surrounding the use of electronic cigarettes, it became clear that this innovative nicotine delivery system had indeed been a subject of modern bans. The use of the word “informally” underscored the casual and colloquial way in which these devices are often referred to, further strengthening my conviction that ECIGS was the answer I sought.

Drawing from my knowledge of current events and social developments, it quickly became apparent that electronic cigarettes perfectly fit the cryptic crossword’s clue. Through a combination of logical deduction and an understanding of contemporary issues, I confidently concluded that ECIGS was the solution to this compelling mystery.