Stumped by Street Crossers? Unravel the Mystery!

Stumped by Street Crossers? Unravel the Mystery! - AVES
Street crossers: Abbr.

Sure! The crossword clue “Street crossers: Abbr.” is asking for an abbreviation that represents street crossers. In this case, the answer is ‘AVES,’ which is an abbreviation for ‘Avenues.’

Avenues‘ are commonly found in city planning and are typically oriented perpendicular to streets. In an urban grid system, streets run horizontally, while avenues run vertically. Avenues are often numbered or named and serve as main thoroughfares for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Street crossers or intersections between streets and avenues are common in city layouts. They are points where these two types of roads meet, allowing people and vehicles to traverse through the city grid efficiently.

The abbreviation ‘AVES‘ is often used in various contexts, including maps, addresses, and navigation systems, to indicate the presence of avenues within a city. It simplifies the representation of the intersecting streets and avenues, making it easier to understand and locate specific locations within a city.

So, when you encounter the crossword clue ‘Street crossers: Abbr.,’ the answer ‘AVES‘ represents the abbreviated form for ‘Avenues,’ indicating the point where streets and avenues intersect in a city grid system.