Caught red-handed: Drag show theft in crossword puzzle!

Caught red-handed: Drag show theft in crossword puzzle! - BOA
Stole from a drag show

Certainly! The answer to the crossword clue “stole from a drag show” is BOA. In the context of drag shows, a “boa” is a feathered accessory worn around the neck and shoulders. This accessory is typically made from feathers of ostriches, chickens, or other birds and is often long enough to trail behind the wearer as they perform on stage.

Boas are a staple of drag fashion and are often chosen for their bold and flamboyant colors. They can be worn in a variety of ways, from being draped over the shoulder to being worn like a necklace. Boas are a key part of many drag queen’s costumes, adding an extra element of glamour and theatricality to their performances.

So when the crossword clue mentions “stole from a drag show,” it’s likely referring to someone taking a boa feather accessory as a souvenir or perhaps even stealing it as an act of sabotage. Either way, the answer is BOA, and now you know a little bit more about the world of drag fashion!