Stingy sort?

Stingy sort? - WASP
Stingy sort?

Sure! “Stingy sort?” is a clever crossword clue that refers to a type of insect: the wasp. Wasps are known for their painful stings, as well as their tendency to be aggressive and territorial. When used as a term to describe a person, “wasp” refers to someone who is stingy, snobbish, or elitist.

The term ‘wasp‘ is also used as an acronym in the United States to describe a specific demographic group: White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. This refers to people of European descent who are of Protestant faith and who have a long history in America. The term ‘wasp‘ is often associated with a certain cultural and social class, and can be seen as a negative stereotype in some contexts.

Overall, the answer ‘wasp‘ is a clever play on words that uses the insect’s reputation for being stingy and adds a layer of cultural significance. It’s a great example of how crossword clues can use wordplay and cultural references to create an engaging puzzle-solving experience.