“Stillmatic” rapper

“Stillmatic” rapper - NAS
"Stillmatic" rapper

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “Stillmatic” rapper, I immediately thought of the album titled “Stillmatic” by one of the greatest rappers of all time, NAS. I recalled that NAS released “Stillmatic” in 2001, marking his return to the hip-hop scene with a vengeance. His lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities are undeniable; making him one of the most respected and admired rappers in hip-hop history. I also realized that NAS has been actively releasing music and touring for over 30 years, solidifying him as a veteran in the genre. It’s no wonder that he has become widely recognized as one of the most influential and iconic rappers of all time. As a result, I am certain that NAS is the correct answer to the “Stillmatic” rapper crossword clue.