Sticky part of a tree frog

Sticky part of a tree frog - TOE
Sticky part of a tree frog

Ella had always been fascinated by tree frogs. She loved the way they could cling onto branches and leaves with ease, thanks to their special toes. One day, while attempting a crossword puzzle, she was stuck on the clue for “sticky part of a tree frog”. As she pondered over it, she remembered a story her grandfather had once told her.

He spoke of a tree frog who had lost his way in the jungle. It was a rough terrain and there were many obstacles in his way. He realized he had to climb up to the top of a tall tree to get a better view of his surroundings. The frog tried to jump towards the tree, but his feet kept slipping off the wet and slippery bark. All of a sudden, he remembered his special toes. He used them to grip onto the trunk of the tree, and he made his way up to the top.

Ella finally got the answer to the crossword clue she was struggling with. The answer was ‘TOE‘. She realized that a tree frog’s toes are the ‘sticky part‘ that allow them to cling onto surfaces with ease. She was thrilled to have learned something new, and from that day on, she never looked at tree frogs in the same way again.