“Steppenwolf” author

“Steppenwolf” author - HESSE
"Steppenwolf" author

As a detective, I must rely on my knowledge of literature to solve this mystery. The clue mentions “Steppenwolf,” a novel that is widely recognized as a classic of modern literature. This immediately narrows down my search to a few authors who might have written this novel. Using my knowledge of literary history, I recall that Hermann Hesse is generally recognized as the author of “Steppenwolf.” Hermann Hesse is a German-Swiss writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. His works often explore the spiritual and psychological journey of the self. His novel “Steppenwolf” is a masterpiece in literature, exploring the themes of alienation and self-discovery. Based on this, I am certain that the answer to this crossword clue is ‘HESSE.’ The thrill of cracking the mystery has given me an adrenaline rush – there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good detective work.