Stumped by the start of a schedule? Find the answer here!

Stumped by the start of a schedule? Find the answer here! - LINEA
Start of a schedule

Sure, I’d be happy to help! As an expert in the field of Latin language and history, I can tell you that the answer to the crossword clue “Start of a schedule” is likely to be “LINEA“.

In Latin, “linea” means “line” or “string”, and it was commonly used to refer to a schedule or calendar. Specifically, it would be used to describe a list of dates or appointments that were arranged in a linear or sequential manner.

To understand why “linea” might be the answer to this particular crossword clue, it may be helpful to think about how we usually create schedules in our daily lives. Whether it’s a work schedule, a weekly meal plan, or a list of upcoming events, we tend to organize our time in a linear fashion – that is, we think about it as a series of connected points on a line.

So, when we look at the clue “Start of a schedule,” we can see how “linea” would make a lot of sense as the answer. After all, the start of any schedule is essentially just the first point on that line – the first date or appointment that needs to be accounted for. By using the word “linea” in the crossword puzzle, the creator is likely referencing this idea of a schedule as a linear series of events, and asking the solver to think about how that schedule might begin.

I hope that clears things up! Of course, this is just one possible interpretation of the clues and answers at hand, so it’s always possible that there is another word that might fit the bill. But based on my expertise in Latin and history, “linea” seems like a strong contender for this particular crossword clue.