Start of a countdown

Start of a countdown - TEN
Start of a countdown

Once upon a time, there was a rocket ship preparing to launch into space. The countdown had just begun, and everyone on the ground held their breath as they listened to the countdown. The announcer declared, “Start of a countdown…9…8…

Suddenly, a curious young girl named Lily interrupted the announcer. Frustrated, she asked, “Why do we start counting down from ten? Why not start from one?”

The announcer smiled at Lily’s question and explained, “The reason we countdown from ten is because it gives everyone enough time to prepare for the launch. Ten seconds is enough time for everyone to get into position, double-check all systems, and make sure everything is ready to go.”

Lily was satisfied with the answer and joined in with the rest of the countdown. “7…6…5…

As the countdown reached the number one, the engines roared to life and the rocket ship blasted off into space. And whenever Lily saw the number ten, she couldn’t help but think of the start of a countdown and the thrill of a rocket launch.