Cracked the code? Start at the end!

Cracked the code? Start at the end! - TEE
Start at the end?

As I embarked on solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Start at the end?‘, my detective instincts directed me to break down the cryptic clue into its essential components. The phrase ‘start at the end‘ seemed contradictory at first, but it triggered a spark of curiosity. It dawned on me that perhaps the key lies in reversing my thinking, focusing on the end rather than the beginning. With this revelation, I delved deeper into the world of golf, where I discovered that the ‘start‘ of a golf game is typically marked by teeing off, placing the ball on a small peg known as a tee. The word ‘tee‘ perfectly encapsulated the concept of starting at the end – a moment of clarity that lighted up the crossword puzzle.