“Squawk Box” network

“Squawk Box” network - CNBC
"Squawk Box" network

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “Squawk Box” network, the first step is to examine the clue carefully. The term “Squawk Box” refers to a popular business news program on a network. This means that the answer has to be a television network that broadcasts business news.

CNBC is the network that immediately comes to mind, as it is a premier network for financial news and has a program called “Squawk Box” that airs every morning. But before making any conclusions, it’s important to consider other possibilities. Bloomberg TV also has a program called “Bloomberg Surveillance” that could be a contender. However, CNBC is a much more well-known network with a broader audience.

Taking this into account, the answer is most likely CNBC. It is a reliable source of financial news, and millions of viewers tune in every day to watch “Squawk Box” and stay on top of current market trends. In short, through a process of deduction and thinking outside the box, the answer to the crossword clue “Squawk Box” network is undoubtedly CNBC.