Spoil, superstitiously

Spoil, superstitiously - JINX
Spoil, superstitiously

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Spoil, superstitiously,‘ my initial thought was to look at the word ‘superstitiously‘ as a key element of the clue. This suggested that the answer would be a word associated with some sort of belief or irrational fear. The word ‘spoil‘ also hinted that the answer would have negative connotations.

As I studied the different options, the word ‘jinx‘ stood out as the perfect answer. The word ‘jinx‘ implies a negative superstition or curse where bad luck follows someone or something. It also fits into the ‘spoil‘ element of the clue because a jinx can ruin or destroy one’s chances of success.

The word ‘jinx‘ is also commonly used in everyday language, making it a popular crossword answer. With this in mind, I deduced that ‘jinx‘ was the best fit for the crossword clue ‘Spoil, superstitiously,‘ and submitted my answer.