Spider in a garage, informally?

Spider in a garage, informally? - ALFA
Spider in a garage, informally?

Once upon a time, there was a spider who lived in a garage. It loved to crawl around and explore every nook and cranny it could find. One day, the spider stumbled upon a car with an emblem of a triangle and a snake.

Intrigued by the symbol, the spider decided to make the car its new home. It built a web around the emblem and started to call it the ALFA garage.

As time passed, the spider became known as the “garage spider“. Anyone who visited the garage came to know about the spider and its beloved ALFA emblem. In fact, the spider became so famous that its name became a crossword clue.

So whenever someone came across the crossword clue ‘Spider in a garage, informally?’, they knew the answer was ALFA – the emblem the spider loved so much. And so, the connection between the spider in the garage and the answer ALFA was sealed forever.