Unlocking the Mystery: Speak Like This. Can You Solve the Crossword?

Unlocking the Mystery: Speak Like This. Can You Solve the Crossword? - YELL

Certainly! ‘SPEAK LIKE THIS’ is a crossword clue indicating that we need to find a word that describes a particular way of speaking. The answer to this clue is ‘YELL.’

Yelling is a form of communication characterized by speaking loudly and forcefully. It involves raising one’s voice higher than usual in order to be heard over a distance or in a noisy environment. People often yell when they want to get someone’s attention, express anger or frustration, or simply to transmit their message more effectively.

When you yell, you use more air and exert more energy than during regular speaking. This causes your vocal cords to vibrate more forcefully, creating a louder and more intense sound. Yelling can be seen as a more aggressive and emphatic way of speaking, as it attracts immediate attention due to its volume and intensity.

It is important to note that yelling should be used sparingly and in appropriate situations. Constant or excessive yelling can strain your vocal cords and lead to vocal fatigue or even damage. It may also be perceived as rude or hostile, depending on the context and the way it is used.

To summarize, ‘YELL’ is the answer to the crossword clue ‘SPEAK LIKE THIS.’ It describes a way of speaking loudly and forcefully, typically used to get attention or express strong emotions. Remember to use yelling responsibly and with consideration for others.