Speak hoarsely

Speak hoarsely - RASP
Speak hoarsely

Certainly! “Speak hoarsely” is a crossword clue that is often associated with the word RASP. A “rasp” is a hoarse or rough sound that is produced when someone speaks, particularly when they are experiencing throat irritation or inflammation.

In terms of physiology, a rasp sound is created by the vocal cords coming together and vibrating, producing a rough or harsh sound. This can occur due to a variety of reasons, including breathing in irritants such as allergens or smoke, having a viral or bacterial infection such as laryngitis, or overusing the vocal cords.

In addition to being used to describe a vocal quality, “rasp” is also a verb that means to speak or breathe with a hoarse, rough sound. For example, if someone has a cold and is speaking in a hoarse voice, you might say “she is rasping” or “her words were filled with a rasp.”

Overall, “rasp” is a great word to use in crossword puzzles or games when the clue is asking for a word that means to speak or breathe hoarsely.