Source of maple syrup

Source of maple syrup - SAP
Source of maple syrup

Once upon a time, in a peaceful forest, there lived a tiny squirrel named Sammy. Sammy loved to explore the woods and occasionally take a sip of the delicious maple syrup that oozed from a large tree.

One day, Sammy gathered enough courage to climb up the tree to discover the source of the heavenly syrup. After exploring for a while, he stumbled upon a small hole that let him peek inside. To his surprise, he saw a stream of clear liquid running through the insides of the tree.

Sammy soon realized that the syrup he loved so much was, in fact, the tree’s SAP, which flowed from the roots to the branches, providing essential nutrients for the tree to grow.

Years later, when Sammy had grown old and wise, he helped a crossword puzzle creator come up with a riddle. The clue was simple: ‘Source of maple syrup,’ and the answer was easy for Sammy. It was SAP.

And, that is how Sammy, the tiny squirrel, helped decode the mystery between maple syrup and its source for all the puzzle enthusiasts out there.