Sort - ILK

Sure, I’d be happy to help! In the context of crossword puzzles, “ilk” is a word that often appears as a solution for clues related to categorization or classification.

Ilk” basically means “type” or “kind“. It is an old-fashioned word that is not used as much in everyday speech anymore, but is still commonly found in written language, including books and newspapers.

For example, you might see a clue like “people of a certain ___” and the answer would be “ilk“. This implies that the question is asking about a specific type or group of people, rather than just any random person.

Another example could be “books of the same ___” with the answer being “ilk“. This implies that the question is asking for the name of a category of books, rather than a specific title of a book.

So, in summary, “ilk” is a word meaning “type” or “kind” that is commonly used in crossword puzzles to indicate a specific category, group, or classification.