Stumped by ‘Son of Seth’? Unlock the answer to this crossword clue!

Stumped by ‘Son of Seth’? Unlock the answer to this crossword clue! - ENOS
Son of Seth

Once upon a time, in the ancient land of Nod, there lived a man named Seth who had many sons. His firstborn was named Cain, but we’re not going to talk about him because he’s a bit of a troublemaker. Instead, we’re going to focus on his third son, who was named Enos.

Enos was a wise and thoughtful young man who loved to spend his days wandering through the fields and contemplating the mysteries of the world. He often sat under the shade of a tree and meditated, seeking to understand the nature of life and the universe.

One day, as Enos was walking by the river, he saw a crossword puzzle floating on the water. The puzzle had only one clue: “Son of Seth.”

Enos realized immediately that the answer was his own name, and he was filled with joy. He smiled and picked up the puzzle, feeling proud to be remembered as the son of Seth, a great and noble patriarch. He carried the crossword with him wherever he went, and whenever someone asked him his name or who his father was, he would proudly point to the puzzle and say, “I am Enos, son of Seth!

From that day forward, Enos became known throughout the land as a wise and thoughtful man, respected for his knowledge and his devotion to his family. And whenever a crossword puzzle appeared, people would smile and think of Enos, the son of Seth who had solved the mystery of the puzzle that floated down the river.