Something’s off with this

Something’s off with this - SALE
Something's off with this

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “something’s off with this,” my thought process and insights led me straight to the answer “SALE.” The phrase “something’s off with this” indicated that something was not quite right or normal, which prompted me to think about the concept of a sale. A sale, after all, is an abnormal circumstance where prices are lower than usual. Furthermore, the word “off” could be interpreted as a play on words, with “SALE” having the letters switched around to make it “ALE,” which is indeed “off” from its original form. Additionally, the clue could be pointing to the fact that a sale is a type of event or property that is “offered.” All in all, my detective instincts led me to the conclusion that the answer to the crossword clue of “something’s off with this” was in fact “SALE.”