Something you shouldn’t pass on

Something you shouldn’t pass on - BLINDCURVE
Something you shouldn't pass on

As a detective trying to solve the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Something you shouldn’t pass on‘, my first instinct was to think of things that could be dangerous or harmful to pass on. My mind immediately went to things like illnesses, viruses, and secrets. However, none of those options fit the number of letters and letters already filled in on the crossword. So, I thought more about the phrase ‘pass on‘ and realized that it could also refer to passing by something. This led me to think of physical obstacles that could be dangerous to pass by or ignore, such as a blind curve on a road. I quickly checked the letter count and found that ‘BLINDCURVE‘ fit perfectly. Once I had the answer, I realized that the clue was cleverly worded to lead the solver away from typical answers and towards a literal interpretation. Overall, it was an excellent exercise in thinking outside the box and considering multiple meanings of a phrase.