Something a convenience store sells in bags

Something a convenience store sells in bags - ICECUBES
Something a convenience store sells in bags

Once upon a time, there was a convenience store named Frank’s. Frank was a very busy man who always thought of ways to make his store better. One hot summer day, his customers kept asking for cold drinks and ice to cool them down. Unfortunately, Frank’s store was too small for a big ice machine, so he had to come up with a solution to satisfy his customers’ demand.

One day, while organizing his store, Frank saw a pile of plastic bags and thought to himself, “Why not fill these bags with ice? That way, my customers can easily grab a handful and keep their drinks cold.” And so, Frank gave it a try, and it worked marvelously!

Now, whenever his customers search for something that Frank’s store sells in bags, they immediately think of the delicious and refreshing ICECUBES they can add to their sodas and juices. Thanks to the crossword clue, people all over town know that they can find ice and quench their thirst at Frank’s convenience store. The end.