Puzzled by Familiar Small Dogs and Can’t Solve it? Unveiling the Answer!

Puzzled by Familiar Small Dogs and Can’t Solve it? Unveiling the Answer! - POMS
Some small dogs, familiarly

As the detective delves into the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Some small dogs, familiarly,’ the thought process begins with a careful examination of the clues provided. The phrase ‘some small dogs, familiarly’ indicates that the answer may involve a term that refers to a type of small dog with a commonly known nickname. With this in mind, the detective considers popular dog breeds that fit the description.

The detective recalls the distinctive characteristics of various small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and Pomeranians. They particularly focus on the latter breed, commonly known as Pomeranians, which are adorably small and well-known for their fluffy fur and charismatic presence. The term ‘POMS’ emerges in the detective’s mind as it often serves as a colloquial name for Pomeranians.

To confirm this deduction, the detective relies on additional insights. They recall that when constructing crossword puzzles, a common technique used by the creators is to incorporate wordplay elements. Realizing that ‘some’ is an essential term in the clue, the detective connects it to the abbreviation ‘some’ used in formal citations or references, as well as to the phrase ‘certain people’ when referring to a particular group. These associations strengthen the detective’s belief that ‘POMS’ is a suitable answer, as it not only refers to Pomeranians but also conveys the notion of a particular group of small dogs.

With these thought process insights and deductions in place, the detective confidently fills in the answer ‘POMS’. With a sense of satisfaction, they move forward, unraveling further clues in the crossword puzzle and inching closer to solving the captivating mystery at hand.