Some skin-care products

Some skin-care products - SERA
Some skin-care products

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen who always had flawless skin. She always used a mysterious ingredient in her skin-care routine, which nobody knew about. But one day, a group of her loyal subjects found her secret recipe book and discovered that she had been using a rare liquid called Sera, which was obtained from a magical spring deep in the forest.

The queen had been using Sera for years, and it had kept her skin young and radiant. The loyal subjects were amazed and decided to experiment with the liquid themselves. They collected some Sera and created their own skin-care products, which they shared with the entire kingdom.

In a short time, the people of the kingdom noticed that their skin was looking healthier and more glowing than ever before. They began to refer to the skin-care products as ‘Some skin-care products,’ and people from all over the realm started to request them.

From that day on, Sera became a highly sought-after ingredient in skin-care products, and the queen’s secret was no longer a secret. The loyal subjects continued to collect and distribute Sera, ensuring that everyone could have beautiful, youthful skin like their queen.