Some short-lived particles

Some short-lived particles - TAUS
Some short-lived particles

As a detective, I approach the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Some short-lived particles’ by first considering the key words in the clue – “short-lived” and “particles“. These words suggest that I am looking for a type of subatomic particle that has a short lifespan. Next, I recall some basic knowledge of physics, specifically the existence of particles known as mesons and baryons, which can decay quickly. However, the answer requires a four-letter word, and neither of these options fit.

As I continue to ponder the clues, I remember another subatomic particle called a tau lepton, commonly known as a tau. A tau is a type of lepton that has a very short half-life and is known to participate in all weak interactions. As tau is fit into the four available slots, it also match with the other possible letters for the crosswords, where the answer ‘TAUS‘ could be formed.

Taking all this into account, I deduce that “TAUS” is the answer to the crossword clue and some short-lived particles, a particle that not many may have heard of but it is crucial to our understanding of particle physics.